How to Prepare for SBI PO English Language Section 2017

How to Prepare for SBI PO English Language Section 2017

How to Prepare for SBI PO English Language: The State Bank of India has officially released the annual notification of hiring Probationary Officers in SBI Banks spread all over the country. A total number of 2403 vacancies have been mentioned by State Bank of India in its official notification.

This year SBI PO online examination process will commence in the month of April. However, the dates can get moved in the days to come. To acquaint yourself with the important information regarding the exam dates, eligibility criteria etc., head on this link.

As the exam is nearly a few months away, it is time for the candidates to start the preparation.  In order to secure good marks and qualify in SBI PO Prelims 2017, here is a proper study plan on how to crack SBI PO English Language section.


Revisiting SBI PO Exam Pattern 2017 (Prelims)

The Preliminary Examination for SBI PO will be a Computer-Based Test (CBT) and the pattern will be Objective MCQ type. There will be 100 questions in total from 3 sections – English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability.

Section Name Number of Questions Maximum Marks
English Language 30 30
Numerical Ability 35 35
Reasoning Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

Some of the essential details related to SBI PO Prelims 2017 are as follows.

  • The total number of questions will be 100.
  • The Paper mode will be English/ Hindi.
  • Each question carries 1 mark.
  • The total time to solve the entire paper is 60 minutes.
  • There will be sectional and overall cutoff.

    English Language Mock Test Series by OnlineTyari

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SBI PO Guider

SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 2017 by Guider

Crack the competitive SBI PO Preliminary Examination this year with the help of these mock test papers. Attempt variable number of questions ranging from moderate to challenging ones. 

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Shortlisted candidates for each category, meeting the specified requirements set by SBI, will only be allowed to appear for the SBI PO mains examination.


How to Prepare for SBI PO English Language Section 2017

Most SBI candidates are able to secure good marks in this section but there is a significant number which find SBI PO English Language Section confusing.

Topics Expected Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension 10
Cloze Test 5
Sentence Correction 5
Spot the Error 5
Fill in the Blanks/ Para Jumbles 5

Now,we are going to highlight the tips for all of these topics one by one so that we can concentrate on each and every aspect individually.

Each aspirant must be able to answer the following questions after they’ve read this article on How to Prepare for SBI PO English Language Section.

  • How do I start preparing for SBI PO English Language section?

  • Can I prepare for SBI PO English Language Topic-Wise?

  • Which topics in SBI PO English Language are easy to crack?

  • How much time should I dedicate towards SBI PO English Language?

So, without any further build-up, this our take on How to Prepare for SBI PO English Language 2017.

SBI PO English Language: Preparation Tips for Reading Comprehension

SBI PO English Language Section is predominantly filled with RC questions. Hence, to secure good marks, you need to be a pro at solving reading comprehension question.

  • Read the entire passage carefully and then read all the questions.
  • Do not try to attempt questions straight-away without reading and only referring to the passage for each question. Read the passage first and then answer the referenced questions.
  • For Synonyms and Antonyms in SBI PO English Language Section, refer to the line in which they are mentioned and try to infer their meaning by analyzing the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

SBI PO English Language: Preparation Tips for Cloze Passage

An SBI candidate with a sound understanding of English Grammar and basic sentence structuring can easily solve Cloze Passage questions in SBI PO English Language Section.

  • Read the passage and go according to the flow.
  • Cloze Test are considered to be one of the easiest questions, only if attempted properly. Though it can prove to be complicated as one error can cost you a lot of marks as all the blanks that are to be filled are inter-related.
  • If you are confused or are unsure about any particular blank that you have to fill, just avoid it and go for the next one. If you are able to fill in the next blank, then you can come back to the previous one and try again by co-relating.

SBI PO English Language: Preparation Tips for Fill in the Blanks

  • Here, you can try the Elimination approach by eliminating the less-favorable options. This will make it easier for you to choose the correct answer.
  • You can also go with rule-the-odd-one-out-strategy. Think logically and rule-out the option which is less likely to comply with the sentence.

SBI PO English Language: Preparation Tips for Spotting the Error

Believe in yourself and eliminate options by reading the sentence after filling in the options mentally and asking yourself Does this sound right?”.

SBI PO English Language: Preparation Tips for Sentence Correction

  • Understand the sentence and if you can decipher the meaning of the sentence, it will be easier for you to correct the sentence.
  • Try segregating the sentence in to two sentences and then try to combine them after correcting each.
  • Look for connecting words that form a pair and arrange them accordingly to form a sentence which is meaningful.

SBI PO English Language: Preparation Tips for Parajumbles

  • Analyze the theme of each para jumble and then try to restoring the paragraph in the right order.
  • Try to synchronize the course of events in the form of activities based on logic so as to what is done first followed by others.
  • Try to spot articles (a, the, etc.), connectives, pronouns (they, he, she, etc.) and adjectives. These will help you to deduce the sequence of events.

You can never be fully confident about a paper unless you solve the actual one, and the sample papers are the best ‘net practice’ for you before the real match. Let us move to SBI PO Sample Papers & Mock Test Series.


SBI PO Sample Papers & Mock Test Series

This goes for every recruitment examination and applies everywhere. You need to solve SBI PO Exam Papers first and your objectives should be as follows.


SBI PO Preliminary Mock Test 2017 by AIM Publications

Crack the competitive SBI PO Preliminary Examination this year with the help of these mock test papers. Attempt variable number of questions ranging from moderate to challenging ones.

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  • Understand which topics where prominent in SBI PO Examination!
  • Were the questions easy, moderate or difficult to solve?
  • How much time you were able to dedicate to each section?
  • What was your correct/ incorrect ratio while attempting?
  • Where you able to score above last year SBI PO Cut off?

A complete analysis will help you understand where you actually stand. Hence, with the analysis in mind, proceed further and solve SBI PO Mock Tests and further strengthen your hold not only in SBI PO English Language section but the entire paper.

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