IAS Prelims All India Test Exam Analysis & Result 2017: Check Now

IAS Prelims All India Test Exam Analysis

IAS Prelims All India Test Exam Analysis & Result 2017: To assist candidates in their quest to crack UPSC Civil Services Examination, OnlineTyari in association with Disha Publications, conducted an All India Test on 10th June 2017. All aspirants were invited to appear for the mock test paper, absolutely free of cost.

Here, we are providing a detailed analysis of the All India Test and the result can be checked from your OnlineTyari Account Dashboard.


IAS Prelims All India Test Exam Analysis 2017

The All India Live Test for UPSC Civil Services Prelims was conducted on June 10. There were 6 slots open from 9 AM to 9 PM. Please find bellow the list of top 10 test scorers. This certainly will assist you to analysis the preparedness of candidates in correlation to the content provided.

S. No. Student Name Marks (out of 200)
 1. Santosh Kumar 172.02
 2. Sunil Jain 158.01
 3. Ankit 109
 4. Gaurav Singh 105.34
 5. Muiz Quadri 104.67
 6. Rani kumari 98.68
 7. Vaibhav Sharma 96
 8. Shubhranshu Shekhar 95
 9. Anu Priya 94
 10. Sushma Pandey 94

We would like to congratulate all the top scorers for performing extremely well in this AIT. Some of the essential points highlighting performance of the candidates in IAS Prelims 2017 All India Test are:

  • 2 candidates scored above 150 in the All India Test. We definitely think it is an Excellent Score and would recommend these candidates to continue working diligently.
  • 3 candidates scored in the 100 to 110 mark bracket. This is also considered a good score and can be increased further with better analysis of one’s preparation.
  • 9 candidates scored in the 90 to 100 mark bracket. These candidates need a work a little more harder in order to crack the actual paper.
  • 12 candidates scored in the 80 to 90 mark bracket. This can only be termed as an average performance. 
  • Most candidates scored in the 65 to 79 mark bracket. We recommend these candidates to put in extra effort and try to improve as much as possible before the paper.

The level of this AIT has been ranged from moderate to challenging by students. By attempting this, students got a fair idea of the do’s and don’ts for the actual examination.

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